Nguyen Tuan Anh

Software engineer with 6+ years of work experience in designing and developing cross-platform games and apps on web technology. In my free time, I travel and enjoy my life. I also spent my time take part in hackathons and game jams, help beginner developers, as well as work on personal projects.

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React Grid Resizable

Github Repository:

Resizable grid layout component for React. Created with Typescript and Hooks.


Hook Arena

Multiplayer Battle Arena with Hook mechanic developed on Godot 3. Playable on both mobile devices (joystick and buttons) and desktop (keyboard and mouse).

In this game, the map is randomly destroyed, tile by tile. The map is rendered dynamically: only green ground tiles are placed by designer, edges and waves are filled in programmatically.



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A React Native app managing construction inventory. Contract on redesigning and enhancing UI & UX.


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This game is a pre-apocalypse simulator when blood “transmission” is the only way to save people. You will be the one to make the hard decision of who to heal first or who to sacrifice. If you fail balancing or prioritizing, you will risk day-Z and the extinction of humanity.

This game was made with React.js, using only css and emojies for graphics. Winner at Instant Game category in Hanoi Global Game Jam 2018.

Match 3 Algorithm with Regular Expression

While it is surely one of the most famous causal game genres on the market, I haven’t made a match-3 game before. When I decided to try this genre, I stumbled on the very bases of it: detecting matches and potential matches.

Those aren’t difficult problems and can be solved simply by iterating through every cells and check neighbor cells However, that has never been my style, I wanted to try something different. Regular Expression came to my mind.

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Emoji Trivia

A Facebook Messenger bot game where you guess the meaning of an emoji string.

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Magnetic Affair

Magnetic Affair is a short sliding puzzle game with narrative. The idea of this game is based on love triangle and magnetism push - pull interactions.

Originally built with Construct 3 for Construct Game Jam, later remade with friends on Godot 2 and Unreal 4.

I designed mechanics and levels, wrote the story and developed on Construct 3 and Unreal 4.

Play in your browser here or download remade version here or here


Play in your browser here

A Firebase HTML5 idle game with Twitch chat featuring a pixelate version of me running to infinity and beyond. Run and buy better footwears to run faster.

React.js game prototypes

Pseudo realtime racing game based on slot machine mechanic. Featuring cars powered by slot machines with special skills.

Multiplayer football game - a twisted digital version of table soccer

Card battle inspired by rock paper scissor and kitten.

Multiplayer Star hooking game - a twisted multiplayer version of gold miner.

AR Local Multiplayer Concept

The concept aims to solve AR local multiplayer without external accessories and allows anyone with a smartphone to enjoy AR local multiplayer. The main problem is to make a phone aware of other phones location in 3D world.

My proposition is setting up a transformation matrix between 2 phones and calculate the relative position based on absolute position recognized on each phone.

Read on Dropbox Paper


Somia House - Ecommerce Chatbot

A chatbot that sell flowers with natural interactive dialogs. Made at Hanoi Facebook Vietnam Hackathon 2016.

Providing consulting and coaching service on user experiences and React.js for their website and an expo/conference management mobile app.

HTML5 Card Games

Contracts on cross-platform Web/Mobile-hybrid multiplayer turned-based HTML5 game clients made with JQuery and React.js, using DOM elements instead of canvas API.

Preview not available

Somia: Dream without end

A language learning concept aims to help users learning vocabulary during their sleeps. Third place at Edtech Hackathon 2016.

I created a HTML5 hybrid app with adaptive sleep tracking using accelerator sensor.

Bag Material Customizer

An editor that user can replace the texture on camera-captured bag to design new one. Created on React.js with custom canvas renderer using HTML5 canvas blending mode.

Night of Shame

An action sound-based game that call to stop satanic ritual abuse. The game features the immersive experience of a girl under assaults to show how terrifying it could be.

Winner of Hanoi Global Game Jam 2016. I made the game with Unity 3D and direct the voice acting and design ambient sound effect.

Teamgantt Link2Task

Github Repository:

Chrome Extension & Bookmarklet to get link to a task on TeamGantt


Phaser Inspector

Github Repository:

A development tool for Phaser framework (inspired by the inspector of Unity3D framework) which is battle tested on real production product. The plugin is written using Angular.js and ES6

Nine Patch Plugin for Phaser

Github Repository:

Nine Patch Phaser Plugin allows you to use nine patch images in the HTML game framework Phaser.

HTML5 Multiplayer Game

Contract cross-platform Web/Mobile-hybrid turned-based multiplayer HTML5 game game client made with Phaser. I was in charge of performance optimization and custom canvas component including: Infinite-scroll list, Pie timer and Nine-patch.

I originally developed Phaser Inspector for this project to help my team solve the performance problem with the game.

Kingdom Defense

Action defense Unity game with unit drop and auto combat for iOS and Android.

Halloween Nightmare

Side scroller puzzle Unity game for iOS and Android.


Sword of Vendetta

Action adventure based on Vietnamese historical events. I made a HTML5 canvas game prototype in 2014 with Phaser and another in 2015 with Unity 3D with single-device PvP mode.

Phaser HTML5 Mini Games

Hybrid mobile mini games with Phaser.js and Cocoon.js.

Realtime stroke smoothing

Painting HTML5 canvas demo that can smooth user’s drawing in real-time. The following footage recorded me drawing with my mouse in the demo.

White Drop

My first game ever: a simple addicting infinite running game. Made with Lua on Codea and later ported to HTML5 with custom framework.

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An HTML5 Lunar calendar scheduler with a simple natural language processing for Vietnamese scheduling input. I was in charge of NLP, UX, UI, and developing Angular.js frontend.

Unfortunately, the footage was taken before I implemented NLP feature, but the animation is still cool.